The last thing you want to do when planning a dream home for yourself and your family is to think about resale. While you may plan on living in your custom home for twenty years, it is impossible to predict what your future might bring and when you might need to sell. To that end, we have listed some tips that builders of custom homes might want to think about when it comes to resale.

Six Resale Considerations for Builders of Custom Homes-blog-bathroom


Strive for the Cutting-Edge of Energy Efficiency

Invest in energy-efficient systems for custom homes now, and reap the value rewards when it comes time to sell. There are numerous ways to reduce emissions and energy bills, such as low-flow showerheads and faucets and efficient fittings and appliances. It is also well worth thinking about passive design when it comes to your home, as clever property orientation can allow you to maximise heat in winter and limit heat in summer for greater energy efficiency.

Incorporate Technology in Your Initial Build

The initial cost outlay for smart technology in custom homes may be significant, but we may soon be approaching a time when it is a prerequisite for buyers. Products such as Google Home, in addition to remote-controlled temperature systems and automated security are popular options. At very least, you can wire your custom homes in a manner that allows for easier future integration of smart technologies.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Areas

With backyard areas getting smaller in many developments, the trend in custom homes is towards innovative use of limited outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas and integrated seating arrangements are common and popular trends in housing developments.

Don’t Skimp on Storage Space

You may be a minimalist, but the reality is that built-in storage space is a major consideration for homebuyers. Aspects like garage shelving and compartments, expansive pantries and laundry cupboards, under-stairs storage and kitchen cupboard space are positively viewed by prospective buyers. Generally speaking, the more the better, provided it doesn’t infringe upon the spaciousness of your home.

High Ceilings and Natural Light

If ceiling height isn’t a major concern for you and your family, the prudent decision when it comes to resale is to opt for higher ceilings throughout your home. This is more than just a trend, as ceilings that are higher than 9 feet make a room feel significantly more spacious and inviting, especially if windows are well designed to maximise natural light.

A Little Slice of Luxury

Clever use of space in master bedrooms and ensuites can yield dividends when it comes time to sell. Buyers are often interested in luxurious personal spaces for their downtime, such as spa baths and expansive dressing rooms and walk-in closets. While these things are luxuries, the exclusivity they offer may just tip the balance in your favour in a competitive housing market.

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