From Sales, to Admin, Accounts & Marketing, we introduce you to the people who make your dream home, reality. 


Meet The A Team



The Sales Team – AKA. The Dream Home Creators


Meet your classy New Home Consultants. Ready to chew your ear off at any point. Your New Home Consultants are there every step of the way to help answer any questions and ensure you get your dream home, hassle free. 


The Cheeky Site


These ‘Aussie Larrikins’ are always up for a laugh, but pride themselves on being some of the best site supervisors in the game. Their philosophy is simple. “treat every home like its your own”. These boys are all about hard work, great quality, and Friday afternoon beers. 




The original CMA family since 2009. They represent everything CMA is about, from its honesty, its quality, and its passion for building.


Office Security


Chubbs keep’s an eye on the CMA Office, anyone gets out of hand, and he sorts them out. He keeps a good eye on those Cheeky Site Supervisors.