There are a huge number of considerations to be made when building a house, and choosing between a single or double storey plan might be at the top of the list. Budget, lifestyle choices and land suitability will all contribute towards the decision you ultimately make.

We have listed the primary benefits and disadvantages of double and single storey homes, in an effort to make things a little easier for those building with Homes by CMA.


Overall Cost

Double storey homes are generally slightly more expensive than single storey homes, but that’s not the only pricing consideration. While you can expect to spend at least an extra 10 per cent on your double storey build, you get the added value of more yard space. Those who aren’t concerned about yard space can comfortably fit a double storey build on a small block without sacrificing on the size of living areas.

It’s worth mentioning the ongoing costs of heating and cooling your home. In this regard, single storey homes can be significantly cheaper if you regularly use air conditioning.

Lifestyle and Age of Family

Double storey living is generally less popular among families with very young children, simply from a safety perspective – steep staircases and more room to roam can make new parents a little uneasy. If you are planning on accommodating older relatives now or into the future, it’s worth thinking about whether stairs will pose a problem.

Property Aspect

If your property has good natural views, it’s worth thinking about making the most of them by opting for a double storey build. You can also maximise the thermal benefits of natural light with a double storey home. A recent popular trend is situating living areas on the top floor to enjoy these benefits, while keeping bedrooms on the lower floor.

It’s also worth considering the aspect of neighbouring properties if you live in a housing development. Some homeowners do not want their property to loom over others if all other houses in the street are single storey.


A key advantage of double storey homes is the added privacy they can offer for individual members of your family. Families with teenage children can organise their bedroom layout with a master bedroom upstairs and other bedrooms downstairs for extra privacy. This is also an advantage if you’re housing older relatives and you’d like them to have as much space as possible.


Visual Appearance

In this case, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. Double storey homes are often seen as grander and more appealing, while some like the lower facade of single storey homes. Whatever option you go for, the appearance of your property from the road should be a key consideration for resale.

Choose from our Turnkey Double Storey and Single Storey Homes

Here at Homes by CMA, we know how important it is to offer a wide selection of turnkey double and single storey homes. We offer 40 single storey and 12 double storey plans for a range of budgets and living preferences.

We also offer offer package deals on house and land for new developments in the greater Brisbane area. To learn more about the most comprehensive house and land packages South Ripley, Bahrs Scrub and surrounding areas can offer, get in touch with one of our Sales Consultants today.

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