Winter is just around the corner here in Australia, and we’ll all be spending more time rugged up indoors as the mercury drops. Regardless of whether you’re building a new home or looking to spruce up your existing living areas, you can lift the mood in your property through a few simple steps.

These basic tips for winter interior design will keep you and your family cosy without blowing your budget:

Showcase Warmth Through Colour

Start simple by going for a colour change in your living areas. Use a few bright colours in tandem for an immediate injection of life – cushions, throws and rugs in bright green, orange or similar can really liven things up.

Keep It Cosy with These Winter Interior Design Tips-blog-teal

Think About Floral Features

Floral wallpapers and design features have been considered dated for a while, but the romantic style is coming back into vogue. Floral textures on furnishings, floral artwork and even wallpaper is becoming more common. Some of the results are an appealing fusion of modern and vintage styles, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Try Teal or Turquoise

Teal or turquoise is growing in popularity as a winter shade due to its brightness and compatibility with all types of wood. Modern homeowners often choose the soothing shade as part of their exterior colour scheme, but it’s popular indoors as well. Experiment with teal carpets, cushions and other features to see how it works for you – it matches up great with grey and silver shades.

Go For Greenery

We Australians love the great outdoors, so do all you can to bring it inside. Seasonal flowers and plants bring the sun and life indoors during the cold winter months.  Most indoor plants only need a bit of sunlight and water to stay alive, and the little effort required can really keep your living areas feeling fresh.

Reconfigure Your Living Area

If you’ve just built a new home you’ll likely have thought about maximising natural light, and will have your furniture set up accordingly. A reconfiguration of your furniture can not only make the most of the sunlight, but it can make everything feel cosier.

We spend more time in our living areas during winter, so it makes sense to have everything arranged to be conducive to comfort and conversation.

Class It Up With Vibrant Velvet

Luxurious velvet is back in style, and you can feature the royal shade in your home without paying for expensive furnishings. Velvet cushions, rugs and footrests can add texture and class to your surroundings for a modest outlay. Similar shades to velvet such as cranberry or burnt orange are also striking options for winter interior design.

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