Nobody looks forward to moving day. Uprooting your life and moving to a new home can be a time-consuming, frustrating and stressful experience without the right preparation.

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Consider these house moving tips in advance to ensure the big day stays on schedule.

Spread out the Workload

What seems like an achievable day job often proves to take a lot longer. If you’re lucky enough to have access to your new property before moving day arrives, do as much of the legwork as you can in the days leading up to the big move. While you might think you only need to make five trips in your car, people often overestimate how much they can transport in a single trip.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time on the Day

If at all possible, get yourself started nice and early on moving day. The list of potential delays on the day itself goes on and on (bad weather, late removalists, damaged property), so you don’t want to try and get everything done in the last few hours of sunlight.

If You Don’t Use It, Lose It

If you have items that have sat unused in your cupboard for the duration of your stay, moving time is the perfect opportunity to think about getting rid of it all. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cull possessions that don’t have sentimental value once you get started.

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Sort out the Little Things in Advance

Most people think about the stress involved with moving big furniture and neglect the admin jobs that can make the whole moving process smoother. If you need to transfer utilities, change your address, forward mail onward, set up internet or other similar tasks, do it as early as feasible. This allows you to flop down on your couch in comfort when moving day is finally over.

Establish a Plan of Action If Using Removalists

If you have help on moving day, make sure you do a lap of your property and make a plan of action for transporting big furniture out of the house. You can lose precious minutes and energy if you rush into moving a heavy couch and find that it won’t fit down the hallway you’ve chosen. Take a breath and a few minutes to plan everything out.

Keep All of Your Essentials in the One Place

One of the most helpful moving house tips is prepping a bag of essentials and keeping it on hand at all times. Gather some toiletries, stationery, water, snacks, packing supplies and anything else you might need during the moving process or for the first night at your new home.

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