4 Tips for Timeless Interior Design

Want to decorate your home in a way that will remain stylish for years to come? Here are 4 tips for achieving timeless interior design:

Opt for a neutral colour palette

A neutral colour palette will help you to create an appearance of timeless elegance. Although it can look great to include walls painted in trendy colours, it is only a matter of time before these colours appear old-fashioned and behind the times (just think of how outdated the avocado green from the 1970s appears now!). So, what colours should you use? For major items like furniture, upholstery and rugs we recommend sticking to neutral hues like ivory, oatmeal and soft grey. If you would like to add splashes of colour to your home, consider doing so with cushions, blankets and other decorative accessories, because these can be replaced and updated inexpensively.

Select high quality, natural ingredients

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Although trends come and go, natural materials are timeless. Features like oak furniture, granite worktops, stone, glass and exposed beams can help you to create an interior that is beautiful and functional, and far less likely to go out of style than man-made materials like polymers. We also recommend that you purchase soft furnishings that are made out of natural materials like cotton, silk and linen. Want to go a little out there? Why not incorporate other natural elements like leather, shagreen and bronze? These will age gracefully and develop a beautiful patina over time.

Wooden floors

4 Tips for Timeless Interior Design-blog

Solid wooden floors have been popular for centuries, and we don’t think they will ever lose their appeal. Wooden floors can complement a wide range of styles, so even if you like to update your decor regularly, your floors will always fit right in. You simply can’t go wrong with polished hardwood floors.

Mix it up

The best way to create a timeless interior is to use a combination of items and features from different eras and styles – i.e. don’t be afraid to mix contemporary pieces with antiques. This will make your interior hard to pin down, and therefore hard to date. If your style interior design is simple but eclectic and hard to define, it’s quite likely that you’ve achieved genuine timeless design!

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