Hi All. In the beginning I was completely uneducated in regards to the building industry.  There have been multiple hurdles along the way, but a massive thank you must be given to Anthony for both his patience and ability to make me smile and laugh along the way as those hurdles were overcome. I would also like to take this time to thank Anthony  for understanding and for taking the time to guide me through this process of building my very first house. Angelo, I love the name and thank you for being gentle in your approach and always trying to do the best by your customers and I know customers can be demanding and bit hard to handle sometimes but you have the personality to handle these customers. Nadine thank you for your customer service and understanding the needs of your customers and you are always keen to assist the customer. Lisa and Helena the girls from administration what a fabulous job they do organising invoicing and moving things long in a timely manner. They both have lovely mannerisms over the phone and nothing was ever too much trouble. Over all you have excellent team and you all work well together it’s like having family but one of the best family you could be in Specially in building industries. Any part time jobs let me know?  

Also thank you to the builder, plumber, electrician and all the men that work on the house WOW thank you without you guys this house could not be build. I will miss the conversation with you all  and few laughs along the way. Take care and may you all be successful and earn heaps of money which you all will do as I can see this. Drop me line when ever. Thank you

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