Hi Chris. My name is James whyte, Clare is looking after us, and my partner and I are building the “Bella” as our first home through you guys. Mate I just want to start by saying Clare/Cma have been amazing!! To tell you the truth my partner and I were going to build with hallmark homes, but after having a very very bad first experience, we thought we would give you guys a try! And we are so so glad we did!! From the start Clare has made herself available at anytime we needed to talk with her, even on her holidays. And the house plan and everything else that comes with it, has been second to none. So on behalf of my family is like to thank you and your team for all your hard work! Secondly I’m also in the army and I’m posted here in Brisbane, so I’ll be telling everyone about how good you guys are, and I’ll be telling them all to go see Clare. As this is our first house, it will not be our last, and I will be definitely coming back you Cma/Clare or her husband in the future! Thanks Chris. James

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