Find out why we’re the best builders in Brisbane with our extensive FAQs, which are here to answer any questions you might have about our range of single storey, double storey and custom design homes.

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Where do you build?

Our head office is based in North Lakes but we build homes anywhere between Beenleigh (North of Gold Coast) and Noosa (Sunshine Coast).

Does Homes by CMA have standard plans I can chose from?

Yes we do ! We currently have 30 single storey plans and 15 double storey plans and many facades to choose from.

Does Homes by CMA do custom homes?

Yes, custom homes are one of our specialty. We have an experienced in-house drafting team that draws all our plan from Concept to Construction.

Does Homes by CMA offer “house only” if I want to do driveway and landscaping for example?

Yes, if you wish to do your own landscaping, driveway, fencing etc we are more than happy to take that off the price and save you money.

Are you experienced at building homes?

We have built hundreds of quality homes. In 2016 we built over 130 homes and we expect to build in excess of 200 homes in 2017. Unlike most Builders, our Director, a third generation Builder, is very involved in the day to day operations and the quality control.

On top of that we have experienced site supervisors and third party quality control inspectors to ensure that everything is going as per plan.

Other builders offer a lot of free giveaways but you don’t, why?

“Free” giveaways are 99% of the time not actually free and have been built into the price. The easiest way to find out is to bring the quote to one of our Experienced Sales Consultant as we do that on a daily basis.

When do I have to make payments?

All the payments are standard as per HIA QC1 Contract. They are as followed:

  • Deposit 5%
  • Base 15%
  • Frame 20%
  • Enclosed 25%
  • Fixing 20%
  • Practical Completion 15%

It is always good to keep in mind that you do not pay for a stage until it is completed. So for example, you only have to pay for the “Base Stage” once the concrete slab is completed. Giving you peace of mind.

Why are soil test and contour survey important?

We pride ourselves in giving all our customers a FIXED PRICE CONTRACT. In order to do that we need to carry out a Soil Test and a Contour Survey:

  • The Soil Test will reveal the classification of the soil and if piering is required. This is where a lot of Builders will charge exorbitant amounts. We charge what is fair and we always explain to our clients what is included in the cost.
  • The Contour Survey will reveal the slope of the block and therefore if any retaining wall and/or piering is required. We always aim to provide our customers with the most cost efficient option.

Can I visit my home under construction?

Of course you can ! The only requirement is for a HOMES by CMA’s representative to be present due to WH&S strict regulations.

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